2021: Growth and Good Things to Come


It is OK to Go Against The Grain

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Admittedly, I am either super clear about my feelings or I could very well be delusional. It is wild to think what feels so right seems like the total opposite of everything I see happening around me in the maker world, and community at large.


At the end of 2020 I felt as though I was going into 2021 weak. I was entertaining the idea of having not done enough consistently, could not seem to get in alignment with the Pinterest algorithm, and I did not feel aligned with my work. I also felt as though I failed at establishing a community with my blog.

My internal dialogue “sounded” something like this…

Q: Was I proud of my accomplishments?

A: Yes, but they did not seem great enough!

Q: Had I researched and sought out resources to better my understanding and areas of improvement with Pinterest?

A: YES, but Pinterest defaults to whitewashed images and changes its algorithm to benefit the most popular content even faster than Instagram.

Q: Was I being vulnerable and sharing quality content that I believed in?

A: Yes, but there is still a very obvious disconnect between me and what my audience wants/expects.

So where do I go from here…?

 As New Year’s Eve came to a close I felt a very literal internal shift occur; as if a final piece of one of my many puzzles fell into place. I found gratitude. 2020 was a crazy year for the collective. So much loss and suffering occurred worldwide, and yet professionally it was one of the biggest years for I Play With Fiber:

  1. Independent pattern sales increased
  2. Barrington Pillow Pattern released with Crochet.com
  3. Started this blog and kept it going
  4. Multiple sponsorships with Clover
  5. Openly supported my friends and other independent artist collabs.

…to name a few wins. The list is not for bragging, but as a reminder it is ok to not feel guilty that I survived and grew through a heavy year. So what was I insecure about in the first place? What even brought about the feeling of weakness? It all stemmed from the knowing that I needed to go deeper internally.


Gratitude changed my perspective, but it did not resolve the source of my discomfort. Going deeper and sitting with my feelings revealed things I already knew. I needed to be more expressive about my passions for creation and how it connects to my emotional/spiritual development. I feel this to be true in my spirit for all people. I do not feel compelled to prove my thoughts to be true; I would rather be the change and example.


Moving forward some of my content will be emotional/spiritual/mental revelations, while others are mostly crafty, and my most essential contributions will be the lessons learned about myself through my creation. Sharing tools to improve my crafts and overall quality of life feels right; from here is where I will expand.


2021: Growth and Good Things to Come


I affirm in 2021 and beyond…

My contributions to this community are evolutionary.

It is ok to go against the grain and be secure in my own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

My niche and my brand are ME, and I am allowing myself the freedom to be multidimensional and enjoy it!

I hope you stick around for the journey and you take what resonates and leave what does not serve you. In scheduled maker news, I am contributing to my friend Teresa of @fuzzywhatknots‘ Make-a-long! Click the post to find all the details; finish your wips and win some prizes!

This MAL spans the month of January! Weekly prizes are up for grabs for finishing your wips! The more wips you finish the more chances you get to win more goodies! Here is my week 1 wip!

Check out the Elysian Blanket Scarf by Alexandra of @TwoofWands! This is the first of many shamelessly selfish projects I am making for myself this year. You can find the kit here if you’re captivated by easy knit patterns with a texture party payoff!

In a few weeks I will have share a free project in collab with Clover. I am really excited about this new take on earrings! I shared a sneak peek in my stories on Instagram. Later this year I will contribute to the Traveling Afghans Knit Blanket. This is a year long project sponsored by Lion Brand. Click here for more info on how to participate. I will be dedicating a blog post to my pattern contribution and sharing it for free!

The rest of my plans are still unfolding. If you have any suggestions for topics/crafts/projects you liked to see here on IPWF let me know in the comments! Let’s grow and create something beautiful together. There is so much growth and good things to come. If you have not done so already, make a list of your successes from 2020. Surviving totally needs to be on your list. Lastly, share some of your affirmations to carry you through 2021. Happy New Year!

Much love,

Leah XO

4 replies on “2021: Growth and Good Things to Come”

  • This spoke to my entire soul! Kudos to you for stepping up & beyond through all the heavy of 2020! To have found your sense of self in all of that is a gift! I look forward to seeing all the amazing ness you will bring in 2021!!

    • You’re so kind sis! Thank you! I have the same excitement for your continued growth into 2021! Last year was A LOT to say the least, and we both found a way to shine through anyway!

  • I love everything about this. Your business is you, and you have so much to offer! I was originally drawn to you for your honesty and openness. You have so much insight and clarity. I love watching your business grow!
    I love the idea of making a list of your wins. I have a little journal that says “I’m kind of awesome because…” and I hope I can always write to myself with that frame. Successes can be business, or maybe you got better at feeding yourself food this year. Maybe you gained clarity in communication with your loved ones. All are awesome.
    Blessings to you all year long, friend.

    • Yas! You totally get it! Successes are just measured by monetary growth or material gains! I firmly believe that being able to be better to ourselves and our lifestyles is the ultimate flex. It’s what makes all the other stuff possible!

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