It’s been a JOURNEY

Fiber Artistry, Jewelry Making, and LOTS of Soul Searching…


I’m Leah, the artist and designer behind I Play With Fiber. I live for creation, manifesting dreams, and exploration of possibilities.


I’ve always been an artist. As a young girl (5 yo), ballet was my first love. Expressing myself by telling stories through movement came naturally. Fear of realizing my own potential and a lack of self-motivation lead me to gymnastics, ice skating, and finally… competitive cheerleading.

Around the age of 12, my mother taught me how to crochet. It was the first time I tried something new and I wasn’t immediately great at it.  All of these paths came to the same dead end. I will admit, by the time I was ready to give up on cheerleading I was a high school junior, caring for my now late mother. My mother passed away from a 2 year battle with breast cancer. At the time of her passing, December 4, 2006, I was in survival mode. My passions and will to authentically express myself were seemingly buried with my mom.

As of 2017, I’ve since reclaimed my creative expression. My art has expanded into multiple applications. This evolution is built on my foundation of crochet, and my process of healing and learning through my survived trauma.

My work reflects my love of texture, tessellation, color exploration, and self discovery. Enjoy these pieces of me as I continue to expand and release new works.





Wee Lil Cloud Embroidery Pattern


The Creator

I started this business in 2018. It evolved into its current state at the start of 2020. What started as a ready-to-ship crochet goods brand, as evolved into something deeper. For me, this is bigger than crochet. This is bigger than me. This is an active pursuit of utmost potential. This is turning negative internal thoughts into constructive uplifting dialogues. This is the physical application of dismantled limitation, and this is only the beginning.


The Goal

The goal is to make sure you leave excited about something! Get excited to learn and  experience something new. Get excited to try your hand at a new pattern. Get excited to receive thoughtful and mindfully crafted jewelry. This platform is to be utilized as a safe space for exploration. DO, use my patterns as blueprints. RESPECT, my art. RECEIVE, my experience as a GIFT! Take all of this food for thought, eat it up, and make your own meal!


The Future

The future is bright. I will create a community where tools are shared and made available for growth, personal development, skill building, and the creation of paths to healing and problem solving. The future as I see it consists of a world where strength is found in vulnerability, and community is created through the acceptance of differences.  Together, we’re going to make it cool to be fearless in our pursuits!

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