Back Like I Never Left

A Cute Fail

Hello friends,


Thank you for joining me on this leg of my journey! It means *so* much to me that you’re taking the time to check out the latest extension of my work. If you did not know this isn’t my first attempt at blogging. Once upon a time, however many IG handles ago, I tried blogging. In short, it was a cute fail. I call it cute fail, because it was a very cute trial with no shortage of misguided errors.


At that time (almost 2 yrs back) I focused on creating content whenever I felt “inspired,” but I didn’t invest time into making relevant or the best quality content I was capable of producing. In reality I was slapping any and everything up on my blog for the sake of having content. I didn’t have any sense of direction or purpose. I wanted to grow an audience to get monetized and thought that would give me a sense of legitimacy. In short, it didn’t. Soon after starting the blog financial hardships, drowning in stay-at-home-mom life, and the appearance of every excuse to call a sign that I should call it quits presented themselves… I quickly let my previous blog fade into nonexistence and never looked back. I had to acknowledge a behavior of self-sabotage that stemmed from my childhood. Whenever I tried a new thing and wasn’t instantly good at the new thing, I gave up. The me 2 years ago wasn’t ready to admit that my perception of my circumstances was my biggest obstacle to overcome, not the life I had created for myself.









So… why now?


What has brought me back to blogging? Simply put, a lot has come full circle for me. I’ve wanted to build my own platform and community for so very long. I finally have the dedication to my “why” to keep me going. Instead of giving up, I’m leaning into my discomfort and learning to grow through this experience. I’m accepting new challenges and being vulnerable about my process vs. expecting instant success. The internet is loaded with pretty imagery to disguise how much effort goes into sustaining success and manifesting dreams into fruition. I’m no longer falling for the perfected hype. I’ve realized my vulnerability is somewhat of a superpower. I’m falling in love with who I’m becoming along the way of figuring things out. Why not start over with a new lease on blog life? This little star is going to twinkle twinkle, mhkay?! 

Evolving is my choice


All of my new and renewed work is welcomed; both internal and external. Has it been consistently pleasant and easy? NOT AT ALL… but it’s been totally worth it. My endeavors are external expressions of my inner dialogues, emotional, mental, and spiritual work. I’m excited to see what’s to unfold. I will continue living, learning, and tweaking my way through fine tuning and figuring out all of the things.


I look forward to sharing all of things with you. Some posts may feel like diary entries while others are tutorials, patterns, and the sharing of other acquired knowledge. I’ll keep it cute for real this time by keeping topics neat and organized as series. I’ve committed myself to genuinely share tools and skills for self-realization in art and in life. If there is any topic, craft, or experience you’d like me to discuss and expand let me know! We’re in this together!



Much Love,

Leah xo



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