Crochet Collective Wrap: Free Pattern


Started from the Switch and now we’re here!

Some might wonder if the Switch Wrap really needed to be replicated in crochet. Was anyone really asking or checking for it? The only answer, YES! Y’all made this happen! When I designed the Switch Wrap I had a lingering thought in my mind of what it might look like crocheted, but I couldn’t quite see the texture. The knit version came about so effortlessly I didn’t allow the thought of a crocheted version to get too loud in my mind.

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Funny enough, I told myself if a crochet mega wrap was meant to be then the collective would say so! Y’all spoke loud and clearly with your likes, comments, kindness and encouragement! I can’t thank you enough for how motivating and interactive this experience has been! I can’t promise that making crossover patterns will become an habitual act. BUT, I do think it’s a cool challenge to commit to periodically.

Allow me to introduce the Crochet Collective Wrap! Named after the people who came together and worked with me to see this thing through to fruition! My favorite aspects of the design are it’s texture and method of construction. Get ready for an amazing drape and meditative stitching experience! Intarsia color work is used to conserve yarn, reduces fabric density, and makes the back side just as pretty as the front. You should have plenty yarn left over for the finishing fringe if you wish to add them!

If you’d like a printable copy of this pattern purchase the PDF here.

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Like its knitted sister, the Crochet Collective Wrap was designed with Hue and Me! You’ll need a 7mm hook, or any hook that meets gauge. 4 skeins of the Main Color (Artichoke, or color of choice), and 3 skeins each of Contrast Color 1 & 2 (Mustard, Salt, or colors of choice) will have you all squared away. If you opt out of the suggested yarn you’ll need a total of 1,370 yards of an equivalent CYC 5 bulky yarn that meets gauge.


The Crochet Collective Wrap consists of Herringbone Half Double Crochet(Hhdc) rib throughout! And yes I said rib. You’ll be working in the Back Loop Only throughout this pattern. You won’t chain to begin new rows. This wrap is worked flat end to end, and worked as one panel. Continue on for schematic; use when deciding colors and final measurements.

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NOTIONS: scissors, tapestry needle

GAUGE: 10sts x 6.5rs Herringbone Half Double Crochet, blocked



BLO – Back Loop Only

Ch – Chain

CC 1 – Contrast Color 1

CC 2 – Contrast Color 2

HhdcHerringbone Half Double Crochet

MC – Main Color

Rep – Repeat

st(s) – stitch(es)

() – Indicates remaining # of stitches


With CC 1 Ch 151 sts.

Row 1: Hhdc BLO in 2nd ch from hook and in each next ch to end, turn. (150 sts)

Row 2(RS): Do not ch, Hhdc BLO in each st to end, turn.

Rows 3 – 5: Rep Row 2.

Row 6: Hhdc BLO 10 with CC 1, Hhdc BLO 130 with MC, Hhdc BLO 10 with CC 1, turn.

Rows 7 – 32: Rep Row 6.

Row 33: Hhdc BLO 10 with CC 1, Hhdc BLO 130 with MC, break MC, Hhdc BLO 10 with CC 1, break this strand of CC 1, turn.

With CC 2 join to the 50th st from end of row.

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Row 34: Hhdc BLO 40 with CC 2, Hhdc BLO 10 with CC 1, turn. (50 sts)

Row 35: Hhdc BLO 10 with CC 1, Hhdc BLO 40 with CC 2, turn.

Rows 36 – 93: Rep Rows 34 – 35.

Rows 94-98: Hhdc BLO to end with CC 1, turn.

Break yarn.


Make fringe by cutting (195) 8” strands of yarn. Make 3 stacks consisting of (65) strands of each color (or divide the colors to your preference). Use the Lark’s Head Knot method to attach fringe. To do this, gather 3 strands of yarn together, fold in half to create a loop at one end, thread loop end from front to back of wrap on outside edge of CC 1 border, thread loose ends through loop, and tighten. Repeat previous step every 2.5-3”(6.35-7.62cm) to trim the border. Block to final measurements.

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