Doing it ANYWAY

Have you ever had an undeniable calling within your entire being to “do the thing?”

If so, what has that thing been for you?

For me, I’m owning the calling to express and share my creative desires and ideas of which extend beyond fiber. These ideas are for the most part anchored by my love of fiber artistry and lifestyle. But what am I even talking about?

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I hardly ever share anything non fiber related unless it’s about feelings or sensitive experiences(and I keep that to a minimum), because if what I’m adding into the universe isn’t productive than it’s fueling chaos. I think we can all agree there’s plenty chaos in the world, and what we need now is productive empathy. I digress. This news may come as a surprise to some, and I think that’s what makes all of this appear so unexpected and new… but what’s coming forth has been here all a long. It’s been waiting for me to allow it to flow and be expressed freely.

© 2022 I Play With Fiber. All rights reserved.

Ok, so now let me get to the nitty gritty. I shared in my last email that I would be working on IPWF merch, and I’m finally ready to start sharing what to expect. In my head IPWF is the unofficial club I always wanted to join. Typically with clubs or social groups you’ll find exclusive customized gear for its members. My idea for IPWF is to produce inclusive items for all who enjoy fiber arts, a variety of skills, tools, notions, and other themes I’ll highlight.

The first new item coming to my shop is iron-on patches! I designed the graphics myself and teamed up with various manufacturers to have them produced. Patches will be ready to ship, first come first serve. I honestly can’t handle the idea of a pre-order situation with anything right now, don’t judge me. The reception of the first two designs will help me determine how to move forward with releasing even more designs. This entire process has been A JOURNEY, but such a cool one. If you’re interested in more insight into my creative process let me know in the comments!

© 2022 I Play With Fiber. All rights reserved.

I don’t have plans of splashing IPWF all over a bunch of hoodies, totes, and hats right now. Although, I do think it would be cool to potentially release a limited run of apparel in the future. Ya know, really make my “club that’s not a club because it’s for everyone” officially official! If apparel is what you would like to see sooner than later, again, please feel free to constructively express your thoughts in the comments!

© 2022 I Play With Fiber. All rights reserved.

As I bring this post to a close, all I can say is stay tuned. Be prepared for my artistry to be expressed digitally, physically, and unapologetically. I’m excited to share my lifestyle, styling, and diy content as well! Much love, and thank you for being here on this journey of creative discovery, expression, and refinement with me!

8 replies on “Doing it ANYWAY”

  • Congratulations Sis on embracing all the talent and vibes that is you!! I’m super excited for your patches and all that you have in store!! Kudos & stay rising!!

    • Can’t stop, won’t stop! I’m so glad I’ve giving myself permission to at least try it and see how it goes vs wondering “what if” forever!

    • You’re and angel, Cheryl! I couldn’t be more grateful to have your support. You have always been a real one who sees and appreciate me and my intentions!

  • Yay!! Congrats on stepping out into newer territory. I love the patch, and definitely want one, or two. I would also, indeed, be interested in apparel (especially tees).

    • You’re a real one Veronica! Thank you so much, and I appreciate the suggestion! I like the idea of tees too!🌹🤩

  • Ahhhh Leah this is definitely a beautiful progression of your expression and presence! I’m so happy for these new moves and I’m def gon need some patches and whatever else you got to share with us!! GO AWF QUEEEEEN!!

    • MUCH LOVE QUEEN WHIT! I’m so happy to be so well received! This was definitely a bold move, but it feels amazing, and so right!

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