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It’s an average winter day here in South Carolina; chilly with no shortage of rain. I reach for my latest “new favorite sweater” to keep all the cozy energy flowing. If you’re a maker like myself, every new finished object is the new favorite, amiright? Something about this new favorite sweater is different. The secret is in the yarn I used, and I think it’s become my new favorite yarn in its category. If you’re a fan of bulky yarn and moody vibes keep reading for my honest review of Lion Brand’s Hue + Me Yarn, designed in collaboration with Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands.

“Armed with the knowledge and experience from my first purchase, I knew I wanted to try more colors…”

Leah Gordon

Fiber Artist

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1st Purchase

Before getting into Hue + Me, let me be clear and state that this yarn and all patterns mentioned were purchased by myself. This is NOT sponsored content. All thoughts and opinions are honest and completely my own. I was not asked by Lion Brand or Two of Wands to write this review, and neither entity is associated with this post. Now, let’s get to the goods and talk yarn!

“Hue + Me is more than a yarn, it’s a craftsyle and vision of Two of Wands creator Alexi Tavel. This bulky weight blend of 80% acrylic and 20% wool can be stitched into everything from accessories to garments to blankets and home décor. As with all Two of Wands creations, style is not sacrificed as function and fashion seamlessly come together. There is no wrong way to pair the carefully curated 18-color palette of Hue + Me yarn. Each color works effortlessly on its own or pairs with any of the others, so worries of “will this match?” can be set aside as you focus on stitching your next creation. And when you’re done, feel free to put your creation to use because this easy care yarn is completely machine washable and dryable!”


With a description like that all I wanted to know was , “How fast can they get it to me?!” Being in South Carolina means that typical winter weather and conditions are short lived, and having a window to use “cold weather” anything is even shorter. Wasting no time I found a kit for the Elysian Blanket Scarf, told my husband it was his “Christmas gift to me,” and proceeded to place my order through Lion Brand!

The excitement of ordering a soon to be “new favorite” began to wear off when I realized I didn’t read a single review prior to placing my order. Did I let my FOMO get the best of me, or was I being dramatic? Without hesitation I started skimming through reviews reading rave after rave after rave, until I noticed a few scattered remarks about “splitty plies and color swatches not being accurate.” There was such a high ratio of positive to critical remarks I ultimately felt confident with my purchase! 



Kit Arrives

About a week later my kit arrives and I noticed one critique that appeared to have some truth to it. The color swatch and preview of the color I ordered didn’t match as well as I expected to the yarn that arrived in my order. I ordered my scarf kit in the color Arrowwood. In my opinion, Arrowwood appears more of a deep mustard tone online and in person it is a very muted rustic camel/tan. I was really looking forward to using a more “yellow” yarn, but Arrowwood’s true color is still so very beautiful, and about a week later my scarf was finished. Reels were made for Instagram, Pins were made for Pinterest, and all the content was put out into the world for others to experience my excitement with me. Despite the variance in color I was sold on the yarn and ready for more!

My pleasant experience with Alexi’s scarf pattern had me hooked on using more Hue + Me and creating more projects from her Heritage Collection.

2nd Purchase

Armed with the knowledge and experience from my first purchase, I knew I wanted to try more colors for further comparison and to test the cohesion of the collection. This time around I placed an order through Joann. At that time they were having an amazing sale on wool-blend yarn, so I ordered 7 balls each of Magic Hour and Agave with the intentions of making Alexi’s Shelter Pullover and multiple Seafarer’s Caps. In about 10 days my yarn would arrive, and yet again, the colors were off from the online swatches. The consistency in the colors being off could be described as the colors looking more muted and darker in person. I can imagine some darker colors like Peacoat appearing somewhat “ashy” overtime with wash and wear. With that being said, each color that I’ve seen has been beautiful in person pairing perfectly with others from the color palette as stated in the description on Lion Brand’s website.




But is it Splitsville, USA?

Let’s get into the plies. Hue + Me is a bulky weight yarn consisting of 137 yds of a 4-ply strand. From my experiencing knitting and crocheting with this yarn, it is NOT prone to splitting. Alexi uses a variety of 6.5mm and larger hooks and needles with her Heritage Collection of patterns. She’s identified the appropriate size hook and/or needle for the fabric she wants makers to achieve with each project she designed. Anyone having issues with the yarn splitting may want to reconsider the size hook and/or needle being used when designing and crafting independent of Heritage Collection projects. Hue + Me suggests a 6.5mm hook or set of needles. 

I attempted to crochet a swatch using a 6.5mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook and was underwhelmed with the stiff fabric produced. However, I did find a very enjoyable drape when using a 8mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook or larger hook. If you aren’t following a pattern and wish to use Hue + Me to design or replicate other works with, I’d recommend playing with hook sizes to find and create a desired tension and fabric. Whenever knitting with my 6.5mm Clover Takumi Bamboo Needles I had no complaints. 




Final Thoughts

Hue + Me is definitely my newest favorite bulky yarn. The moody vibe and aesthetic of the color palette fits into my preferences as a creative. With 18 colors to choose from you can’t go wrong with color blocking and tapestry color work. Overall I don’t think the color differences between online and in person are that big of a deal. However, I do believe it would behoove Lion Brand to state in the description that the colors are more muted in person than as depicted online. At 137 yds a ball, Hue + Me makes up in fiber content and loftiness what it may appear to lack in yardage for $6.99. I both agree and disagree with the wrap label’s suggestion of 6.5mm hooks and needles. Lastly, this yarn is extremely versatile, soft, and would be a great addition to any stash! If you’ve tried Hue + Me and love it as much as I do let me know how you’ve used it. If you don’t love Hue + Me, please respectfully share your honest opinion and experience in the comments. If you’re anxious to try Hue + Me let me know what projects you have in mind! Feel free to reach out via social media as well, much love!

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6 replies on “Hue + Me: Yarn Review”

  • I loved your review Leah! Thank you for mentioning color differences that is so important to know before making your purchase. And thanks for the hook size tips, that helps a lot!

    • Thanks for reading, love! And yasssss YOU would do wonders with it for sure! When I saw the splitting concerns in the reviews I had to figure how/why/if it was true!

  • Hey Leah! Love this honest review. I made the Arya Poncho from Alexi’s collection and I too was a bit disappointed at the color difference. What I received was definitely more muted that what’s portrayed online. I agree with you that Lionbrand should state that in the description. Thanks so much for such an extensive review.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience as well Cheryl. Maybe we can make our voices heard about the topic of color correction?! I’m really glad you enjoyed the review!

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