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When approached with the idea of creating a design using Ancestral Fibers yarn I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Design possibilities immediately danced around my mind as  Adiaha Raune, the one-woman-show of Ancestral Fibers Co, shared her color theory and intentions. I’d longed for an opportunity such as this for quite some time. It was kismet that my first indie dye collab would be with someone who sees and knows the experience of a Black woman, artisan, and entrepreneur. 



Ancestral Fibers Co  encompasses the source, the inspiration, and connects us back to who we truly are. Black women and people are beyond special. We’re an immaculately made people, who have shaped so much of the world we live in today. With each color way created, Adiaha  is not only paying homage to our past, but is quite literally painting a new future with yarn. What she’s doing, what we’re accomplishing together, is a manifestation of a miracle initiated long before either of us were conceived.

The most beautiful aspect of this collaboration has been the overall experience working with together. We’ve been able to let things naturally flow and speak freely. It’s amazing what only 2 people can accomplish with a clear open line of communication and compromise. Working with someone who has supported me since day one of my journey, and accomplishing a goal together has been a dream come true. The maker community often preaches community over competition, but we often see the latter. With Adiaha you get so much in one package; there’s no short of encouragement and excitement for what is and could be. It’s been an honor growing through this experience alongside such a strong and talented woman.




I could go on and on about my pure admiration and respect for Adiaha as a friend and artist. Instead, I’m going to let her share her story with how she and Ancestral Fibers came to be.

AR: I like history and facts too. Making connections, especially where there doesn’t seem to be any commonality is a thing for me. One day I made this incredible leap in my head that I could dye yarn inspired by my ancestors personally and broadly. As an African-American whose history is not traceable past 5 generations, I have often wondered who my ancestors where. I also wonder how; how did they do it? How did they survive to make sure I could be here?

Inspired by my ancestors’ strength and endurance, this yarn dyeing adventure is an attempt to answer these questions. Through, creative process, I explore and highlight our history. The history of humans who survived.

Join me for the ride. It will be sometimes sad and frustrating but we will learn a lot.



If you aren’t yet familiar with Adiaha  or Ancestral Fiber Co  I encourage you to find out more and support her work; you won’t be disappointed. She is as vibrant, colorful, and deep as the work she produces. Here’s a quick note about the Limelight Shawl, and what to expect.

Limelight Shawl is a seasonally transitional pattern design. Prepare to wrap yourself in the perfect combination of cozy and breezy. Limelight is soon to be your staple for any casual Spring afternoon or evening. The Limelight Shawl, designed with Ancestral Fiber’s Heritage DK (100% Superwash Merino Wool), consists of Half Double Crochet Net Filet and simple shaping to create your dream sideways triangle shawl. The Heritage DK base has just enough ply for warmth, with lightweight feel and wear. Stitches used allow for instant gratification as it’s worked and quick crocheting. Yarn kits provided exclusively through Ancestral Fiber Co are available in 3 icon themed colors. You’ll find “Tina” – an electrical variegated green, “Erykah” – neon yellow, and “Leah” – a bright blend of corals and citric colors. Check out the sample photos highlighting the brilliance of each color!



The pattern for Limelight Shawl is for personal use only. You may not sell finished items made from this pattern or redistribute any portion of this pattern as your own. Purchase a copy of Limelight Shawl Pattern here. Purchase Limelight Shawl Yarn Kits here! All Yarn Kit purchases come with a coupon code to get the pattern 50% OFF!

Use hashtags #Iplaywithfiber #Ancestralfiberco #LimelightShawlIPWF so that  Adiaha and I can see and share in the excitement of your yarn kits arriving and wip photos on Instagram. See All contact info below. Thank you so very much for the love and support of this collaboration. I can’t express enough how much gratitude I have for  Adiaha and how proud I am of us both!

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