Nesting Chronicles: Garter Stitch Lampshade IKEA Hack

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This lampshade is a hack of the LERGRYN lampshade/fixture by IKEA. For this project I also upgraded my previous pendant light cord to the current one upon which my sample rests. For anyone looking to update hardwired light fixtures, please note I’m not a professional electrician. I followed the instructions that came with my fixture. WARNING: BE SURE TO DISCONNECT THE POWER (turn off the breaker) WHEN CHOOSING TO DIY ANY ELECTRICAL WIRING! PLEASE CONSULT/HIRE A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE COMPLETING ANY RELATED TASK ON YOUR OWN!





Now, you might be wondering what a lampshade has anything to do with nesting. To be honest, at this point my nesting is out of control and it’s becoming an excuse to update as many areas of my home prior to the new baby’s arrival. As all of the things continue taking shape around the house, I can’t help but want to give our home a complete vibe overhaul! 

Ok, so story time goes a little something like this.. get into the journey to this new pendant light fixture. For some insight, we have nice looking (but very boring) light fixtures scattered throughout our early 90’s era home. From cloudy glass disks to “boob lights,” there’s no shortage of bland light fixtures around the house. I knew I wanted at least one statement light fixture; something intriguing but not overpowering!

I took to Pinterest as one does when searching for an expensive inspiration that’s completely out of one’s budgetary limitations. Oddly enough nothing really “spoke” to me. Eventually after hours of more failed Google searching I found myself scrolling through the IKEA app. In no time I found the LERGRYN light fixture, then realized I could simply buy the shade on its own. What were the odds that this fiber artist with a current obsession with knitting would randomly find a knitted lampshade?! Did I hate the price, NO! But could it be more custom to my needs, YES! Between the lack of color options for the shade itself and pendant cords, distance to the nearest IKEA, and the waiting period if I chose to have what was available shipped to me instead… I convinced myself my husband and I would be able to install our own pendant light cord. Thus the seed to creating my own lampshade was planted. I then began taking notes on how I would recreate this lampshade.


After a few days of going back and forth about how convinced I truly was about this “plan,” I finally committed. I went to my local Lowe’s to find a pendant cord, which cost me $20. I found the perfect straight drum lampshade from my local Target for $10. Unfortunately I was unable to find more in stock to include a link. The following day I gave myself time to figure out how I was going knit the cover, and in what color! To the my stash I went. I had plenty Replay by Lion Brand Yarn; sweet mint. Sadly the fiber has since been discontinued by the brand, but Wool and the Gang sells the exact same fiber (including yardage) under the name Tina Tape.

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With my yarn picked out, it was time to play with needle sizes and gauge to determine how stiff or airy the fabric would be for my lampshade. Less than a hr later I had my gauge swatch ready and a pattern drafted. The following day I would knit, frog, knit some more, and tweak my pattern until I ended up with the final result.



With my lampshade cover completed it was time to install both the pendant cord and shade! I decided to swap out the entire cloudy disk pendant light fixture above my kitchen table, because the pendant cord was wrapped in a chain. I wasn’t feeling the look! The pop of color from the new lampshade and modern pendant cord were just what my kitchen needed (besides a facelift for the cabinets and the table… we’re getting there soon stick with me)! By choosing to DIY the light fixture ourselves we saved a total $25-$30 + time and gas $ to get to the nearest IKEA! I’ll admit it might seem like a lot of work for “little” savings, but every bit counts in my book. As in all things, do and spend however it makes most sense for your lifestyle and wallet! I took on this task thinking it would be a great learning experience, and was able to create a free project to share with you! 

If you’re looking for a super simple straight drum lampshade pattern for a small 10 x 6” shade, here’s a freebie on me! To modify for larger/smaller drum lampshades, simply CO +/- stitches and work  +/- rows of garter stitch in the middle of the pattern to adjust length. Click here to support my work and claim a printable PDF for keeps!


Garter Stitch Lampshade


  • Needles: 10.00mm/US 15
  • Yarn: 260 total yds of Replay in sweet mint held triple(86 yds each, weight 4); or 90 yds of weight 6 yarn held single
  • Notions: tapestry needle, scissors, 10×6” straight drum lampshade

Final measurement: 2” x 6” x 2“ cylinder 

Gauge: 10 sts x 16 rs garter stitch (in the round unblocked)

Care: machine wash/lay flat to dry

Notes: This statement lampshade cover was designed to be an extremely cool eye catching addition to any light fixture that accommodates a straight drum lampshade.

Garter Stitch Lampshade is worked in the round; top to bottom. This patterns is written for a 10 x 6” straight drum lampshade. Garter Stitch in the round is worked by alternating rows of all knit and all purl stitches. Abbreviations and specialty stitches are linked with video tutorials found in the PDF.


CO 48 sts, join round.

Row 1: p all.

Row 2: k all.

Row 3: Repeat Row 1.

Row 4: [k 3, kfb] around. (60 sts)

Row 5: p all.

Row 6: k all.

Row 7: p all.

Rows 8-28: continue alternating Rows 6-7.

Row 29: [p 3, p2tog] around. (48 sts)

Row 30: Repeat Row 6.

Rows 31-35: continue garter stitch in pattern.

Bind off.




A major takeaway from this pattern is that the fiber you choose to work with matters most! Tripling a soft fiber gave me the weight I was looking for, but I think a more dense ribbon/tape style yarn would’ve been better suited for this project. The less stretch in the fabric created for the lampshade cover, the better. Consider knitting yours with trim ribbon or felted wool yarn! Not only would these options look really pretty, but they should also maintain their shape with little maintenance. 

******It’s been brought to my attention some people may have concerns this cover could be a fire hazard. I assure you neither the original nor my dupe are fire hazards. If they were, I wouldn’t have taken the time to create, modify, and share this pattern. I do my best to research fabrics and fibers to ensure the projects I’m sharing are safe and easily enjoyed by all. If you have any concerns about the fibers you wish to use for this project a simple Google search can save lots of time, energy, effort, and decreases the presence of potential hazards.******

I can’t mention enough how excited my husband and I are with how well this turned out. It was a great experience learning how to hardwire a light fixture, and now we have new home decor and design skills in our repertoire! Let me know your thoughts on this project in the comments! If there are any other home decor inspired projects you’d like to see in the future feel free to share those as well! Until the next project, much love.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach me at my contacts listed below.

IG: @iplaywithfiber


This pattern and its contents are sole property of Leah Gordon. You may not sell or redistribute any portion or use these images as your own. Pattern for personal use only.

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  • I love, love, love how your lampshade turned out!! I’m all for DIY projects and adding something that you can always admire and be proud of that you created! Kudos!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • Thank you so much Nadine! Same here! I think it’s the coolest thing to be able to create and customize our homes with our own hands!

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